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[RL Log - Aeris]

*it's finally getting warm and humid around this time of summer, enough for Zack to take to leaving the window open and wearing only his boxers to bed, especially since the room he's renting is like a closet. The bed and dresser take up the lion's share of the floor space, leaving only enough room for tossed clothing and his sword. His laptop sits on the dresser with his PHS and the other one he got for Demyx and keeps forgetting to give to him*

*is essentially sprawled out on the bed, covers off, on his stomach with arms folded under the pillow and out like a light, despite the (relatively) early hour. Old mercenary habits die hard and dictate that you damn well sleep whenever you can*

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*carefully props herself up on the windowsill, taking a moment to catch her breath from climbing before smiling pleasedly at the boy sleeping on the bed as she hops off her seat on the window and moves to where he is, tackling latching her arms around Zack's neck* Morning~ *pauses thoughtfully* Except not really, because it's the middle of the night. *shrugs and goes back to snuggling up to his side, half-on top of him since he's sleeping on his stomach and she feels like hogging the bed* Details, details~

((One of these days he's going to hit her without meaning to, just because she has this really bad habit of ignoring his SOLDIER reflexes altogether. XD))

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*props herself up to peer at him as if she hadn't just snuck into his room through the window in the middle of his sleep wearing only her pijamas and an oversized sweater* Don't do what~? *goes back to snuggling up to him-- or well, half of his back as the case may be* ♥~

((You know you love me anyway. <3))

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Yup. Almost. Which means you didn't. So there~

*flops down on her side, chin propped on her hand, temporarily letting go to blink up at him* What do you mean what am I doing here? Of course I came here to see you, silly~

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*drops her eyes, focusing gaze on his side as she entertains herself by poking said side gently but insistently* Well, you've been working really hard lately. I barely get to see you anymore~ *not sulking nor pouting* Just miss'd you, that's all. *really not pouting. seriously*

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It was too hot to sleep~! *pauses* And... I didn't really think about it. *sheepish*

Wait. *disentangles herself from his embrace and sits up, pulling the sweater over her head and throwing it to the floor carelessly before snuggling back down next to him* Much better. Too hot. *snug~*

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*oblivious! too busy snuggling and squirming and being a happy little kitten because of being able to do this* So~ Did you have a chance to think about what you'll go as? To the party in Alize's world that is? *nuzzles neck~*

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*contented little noise, back arching slightly following his hand* Mmff~ *tightens her hold around him*

That sounds alright to me. *pauses, drumming her fingers against his chest thoughtfully, silent for once*

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Mmm. *remains silent for a moment longer before crossing her arms and resting them on his chest and her chin on them, looking at him* You don't have to work so hard, you know? I can work too. *pauses* I don't want you to exhaust yourself... *bites her lowerlip hesitantly*

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I did miss her, and I am happy to spend time with her again. *tilts her head to rest the side of her face against her arm* I just... *trails off*

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*leans against his petting* You don't have to do that... I mean, I just want to help you somehow. I can't just sit at home all day, doing nothing but fret.

*wrinkles her nose* Reminds me too much of the Lifestream.

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*hi! this is Aeris not being happy with you, sounding disturbingly serious* And since when have I ever been some kind of lady in distress?

*furrows brow* I did take care myself before I travelled with Cloud and everyone else, you know? I can hold my own.

*did we mention she's not happy? because she isn't, and she's moving stubbornly away from his petting SO THERE!*

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*why, she'd rather fall off than be in bed with a MISOGYNIST* ... *staring in silence-- is that really all you have to say for yourself?*

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*kind of accepts that reasoning, but keen on finding some way around it. too stubborn* Hrmph.

*about to finally retort something when he mumbles, pausing only for the sake of curiosity* ... What do you mean? *props herself up on her arms, leaning really close again to peer down at him, anger forgotten for the moment*