the_zackman: (*blush*)
the_zackman ([personal profile] the_zackman) wrote2007-05-26 03:14 am
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[RL Log - Aeris]

*it's finally getting warm and humid around this time of summer, enough for Zack to take to leaving the window open and wearing only his boxers to bed, especially since the room he's renting is like a closet. The bed and dresser take up the lion's share of the floor space, leaving only enough room for tossed clothing and his sword. His laptop sits on the dresser with his PHS and the other one he got for Demyx and keeps forgetting to give to him*

*is essentially sprawled out on the bed, covers off, on his stomach with arms folded under the pillow and out like a light, despite the (relatively) early hour. Old mercenary habits die hard and dictate that you damn well sleep whenever you can*

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