the_zackman: (it's like this...)
*hello, Cuddy's house! arrived a little later than he'd hoped, but knocks on the door anyway. is wearing a hooded sweatshirt and jeans, hands in his pockets, looking around at all the Christmas decorations on the street. the mako glow of his eyes is a little more evident in the dim, snow-lit evening*
the_zackman: (worried about you)
*it's rather late at night, but is still awake, staring at the ceiling and hands behind his head. hasn't been sleeping well since October, and on top of that is still acclimatizing to the extra energy the mako treatment has give him - gigai don't absorb mako quite as well. it's first snow of the season outside, making everything hazy and muffled.

has taken to wearing sweatpants to bed since Aeris started sleeping over most nights, but is grateful for her presence. looks over at her sleeping next to him and sighs quietly, brushing a lock of hair away from her face*
the_zackman: (high spirits)
*there are bowls of popcorn and bottles of soda in the living room, and mugs if anyone wants hot chocolate. Also a stack of DVDs of various genres, from horror to action to comedy to cartoon. Mostly action. Zack is crouched in front of the TV, setting up the DVD player*
the_zackman: (*squee*)
*pokes his head in Namine's 'room', is wearing street clothes and a jacket*

Hey there Sunshine, I'm going out to buy some things. Want to come with me?

((Note to anyone involved with Zack and the family virus, I'm just putting it so that Zack saved up enough for an actual (albeit kind of small) house, so that they all won't be trying to cram into the bar. |D; While Cloud and Tifa are gone the kids from both 'families' are kind of sleeping in whichever of the houses they want to; Zack's house isn't very far away.))
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*has finished his day jobs early for once and has time to kill, idly lounging on his bed and staring at his PHS, debating whether to go hang with Aeris or with Cloud and Tifa, since Aeris semi told him off for not spending enough time with his friends instead of her*
the_zackman: (*blush*)
Crawl inside, wait by the light of the moon )