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[RL log - Namine, @ home]

*pokes his head in Namine's 'room', is wearing street clothes and a jacket*

Hey there Sunshine, I'm going out to buy some things. Want to come with me?

((Note to anyone involved with Zack and the family virus, I'm just putting it so that Zack saved up enough for an actual (albeit kind of small) house, so that they all won't be trying to cram into the bar. |D; While Cloud and Tifa are gone the kids from both 'families' are kind of sleeping in whichever of the houses they want to; Zack's house isn't very far away.))

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*was drawing a picture of the view outside her window*

Huh? Oh, yeah, I'd love to!

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*aww you're embarrassing me dad~ ♥*

Uh, okay!

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*shrugs on the coat and hurries after him*

No, I'm fine.

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*sneakily takes hand. LIEK A NINJA.*

It would be kind of out of our way...