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[RL log - Demyx, open to Tifa, Roxas, Aeris, Cloud, whoever]

*has finished his day jobs early for once and has time to kill, idly lounging on his bed and staring at his PHS, debating whether to go hang with Aeris or with Cloud and Tifa, since Aeris semi told him off for not spending enough time with his friends instead of her*

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*has spent some time wandering around town before finding Zack's place - now knocks at the door of the apartment, as buzzer systems are no match for NOBODY GODMODING*

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*grins engagingly* You kept telling me to drop by, so I dropped!

*surveys apartment* Nice place you got here.

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It's not a bad size for the price, I bet! *fumbles it for a moment before getting it and examining it* ...whoa, cool.

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*pokes at it a bit, figuring out the controls* Really? I thought it was just a phone kinda thing.

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*leans on doorway* What kinda games~?

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*wanders over and sits on the bed* There, ya happy? ♥

*discovers pong* Whooooa.

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Oughta be!

...Is it can be epic pong battle tiem? *grins a bit, the King Of Macro Humor*

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I don't really care. *tries to figure out how to get the online capability to work on the pong thing, though*

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Fine, fine. I'll even walk. Just for you.

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AS IF. *pauses for a moment, thinking of Xigbar, then continues*

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*following* I AM. Are you~?

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*might trip over his own feet if not careful!*

*mun does not know the html for adding extra spaces, but RIGHT BACK AT YOU*

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*STILL COUNTERING...not that good at multitasking, though, stumbling a bit*

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*walking a little better now, and COUNTERING~ this game might take a while*

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*this may be becoming more difficult*

Re: ((OOC: *LIVES*))

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*still in the game, biatch*

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