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the_zackman ([personal profile] the_zackman) wrote2007-05-01 01:01 am


its damn hard to typw with one hand on a mobile phone

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It's a good thing you added, "On a mobile phone".

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y not.

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What kind of mess?

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What happened?

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What about the potions you brought with you?

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You have informed me of this earlier. Hold on, I'm sending someone.

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I'll have someone send a medical team.

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Guess I'm too used to texting then. XD

So what happened to the other hand?

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Ow. Wish there was something I could do... being shot always sucks.

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What did you do to your other hand?

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But you're out of danger?

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=/ I'd help if I could, but Cloud or Demyx should be able to get to you, right?

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Hey, are you okay?