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the_zackman ([personal profile] the_zackman) wrote2007-11-10 10:02 pm

[RL - PHS call to Tifa]

[has left Aeris sleeping while he sits on the end of the bed, dialing Tifa's number on his PHS]

[one ring. two rings.]

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[ugh woken up by PHS! hey wait, is that Zack's number? picking up now-!!] H-hello? Zack?

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It's fine, is everything okay? Where have you been!? [realizes she's probably being annoying, oops] ...Sorry, I just... I haven't heard from you, or from Cloud, or... anyone! in so long...

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Yeah, I--[realizes he's hiding something]...Zack.

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...Oh, Zack... I'm so sorry.

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...Of course. Things go wrong, Cloud takes off.

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You never blame him. Ever. No one does.

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I don't blame him for this.

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...I'll leave the kids with Barret?

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Alright, I'll bring them by. ♥