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[RL - Lloyd, Colette, Cloud - Chocobo ranch!]

*is waiting outside the church with his bike; he wasn't sure Colette and Lloyd could find his house, but he knows they know where the church is due to the geostigma stint all those months back. Has his sword out, though, since monsters still roam around this area*

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*Landing her rheaird softly on the ground, Colette jumps out of the rheaird and waits for Lloyd to land. She has been to this spot before, and figured this would be the best place to look.*

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*lands right after her and jumps off*

Hey, Zack!

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*Glancing over at the bikes, Colette turns to Lloyd and smile* Do you want to ride on their bikes? It looks like it could be so much fun!

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*doesn't really have a choice, since Colette looks so eager*

Sure, that'd be great!

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*just pulls down his sunglasses and swings a leg over Fenrir, indifferent to who rides with him* Seventeen.

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*Colette eyes both Zack and Cloud, before grinning* I'll go with Cloud, if that's okay.

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*catches the helmet and hands it to Colette as she approaches* Here. Do you need help getting up?

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Thank you *Grabs the helmet and puts it over her head* And, I think I can make it up, but thank you for asking! *climbs on top of the bike*

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*climbs up behind Zack*

Hey, can these things go fast?

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*motions for Colette to hang onto the belts that keep his duster on, then shifts Fenrir into gear and follows with considerably less showing off, keeping pace with Zack as they head out onto the highway leading east*

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*Colette nods her head, grabbing the belts as Fenrir begins to move. She shuts her eyes and lower her head as Fenrir moves faster. She was always use to flying though the air with her wings or rheaird, but this was different for some reason.*

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*grins as they start picking up speed, and then leans forward so Zack can hear him*

This is great!

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*notices Colette huddling, but can't do anything about it while driving, so he just concentrates on keeping the ride as steady as he can. smiles faintly at Zack's enthusiasm*

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*After driving for a few moments, Colette opens her eyes and glances around. She sees the monsters, but realizing that the bikes are too fast for them, she eases a bit.

She watches the scenery rush past her, and begins to enjoy the ride*

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*has to blink an awful lot due to the wind in his eyes, but is enjoying this like nothing else*

Is this how you travel all the time?

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*o hay, there's a sharp bend coming up in the road, and I've got an inexperienced passenger. shouts so Colette and Lloyd can hear him*

Lean towards the inside of the curve when we go around the bend!

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O-Okay *Colette shouts as she leans towards the curve and takes the sharp turn, she closes her eyes, but she's laughing about it, so still enjoying herself!*

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*leans into the curve, not the least bit nervous*

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*looks up and sees the Chocobo Farm as a nearing speck on the horizon, glances over at Zack and then back at Colette with a slight, almost mischievious smile, as if asking her permission to try something*

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*Colette blinks at Cloud with some confusion, but then gives him a smile, she's ready to do anything he wants to do.*

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Nope, but the rheairds aren't much different! Except they fly.

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*having got confirmation from Colette, suddenly opens up the engine and tears off down the road with no warning. Hey, it's easier to win races when the other person doesn't know you're starting them*

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*Very fast speeds! Colette wraps her arms around Cloud, not wanting to let go. She's never gone this fast in the rheaird. She glances behind her shoulder to see where Lloyd and Zack are*

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*surprise is quickly overcome by glee, he hangs on as they take off!*

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*damn you and your hunk of junk taking up the road. Tries to edge around you, but gets cut off every time, you know me too well. :< Revs the motor in an attempt to scare you out of the way*

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*enjoys the ride, totally hoping that they will win against the others*

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*we're not there yet, you know. And fine, there's more than one way to get around you. Lifts his bike over the curb and passes Zack on the unpaved field, dirt being thrown up behind him in a cloud from his tires, then drops back onto the road in front of him*

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*holding on for dear life, wasn't expecting to take a different route, but once safely on the road, Colette giggles because now they are winning!*

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*rolls his eyes as Cloud pulls ahead, but is still having tons of fun, and has a big grin plastered on his face*

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*puts on a last bit of speed as they reach the gates, his engine pushed to the limit as he blows through just a few seconds before Zack does, quickly switching gears back down and helping stop the bike by turning it sharply sideways and dragging a U-ey in the dirt. Just smirks at Zack*

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*Colette sighs after the sharp turn, this whole thing nearly gave her a heart attack, she she still had fun. She lifts the helmet from her head*

That was a lot of fun!

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*jumps off the bike*

That was awesome! Can we go again?

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*rolls eyes at Zack's posturing, opens his mouth to say something but winces as the chocobos raise a particularly loud ruckus. and o look, the ranch owner is coming out and not looking too happy about his birds being disturbed. dismounts his bike and kicks down the kickstand*

You keep telling yourself that.

*ignores Zack's indignant "That's my line!" and heads over to placate the owner and see if he can't negotiate a chocobo rental*