the_zackman ([personal profile] the_zackman) wrote2007-05-26 12:48 am

Hey, kitten~

There's going to be a masked party on Alize's world. You're going to be my date, right~? We have to talk Cloud and Tifa into going too.

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A masked party~? Absolutely~ Hee~ ♥ This is going to be so much fun~

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... Well, I'm open to suggestions~ That or I'll be forced to come up with something, hee~ >3

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Does that mean I get to wear a really short skirt to go with it~? ♥ Because that actually sounds like a pretty good idea~

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Well, it has to be very very short if I want to leave the right impression~ Ohh, and I have just the right shirt in mind too~ ♥