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Um, Rufus? You did call everyone off, right?
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[transcribed phone post, locked from Rufus and Turks]

I'm not even two days on the road to Gongaga and Rufus goes batshit. Shiva, I should just turn back already.
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Cloud and Tifs have been awesome about giving me and Aeris a place to crash while we get used to the bodies. We'll probably head out soon; I've gotta check up with my folks in Gongaga, and I know Aeris wants to see her mother again; Elmyra'll be thrilled to see her too, I'm sure. ♥

Roxas! Allen! Demyx! Good to see you guys again! And Ichigo, thanks again for everything.
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This fucking sucks.

((OOC: Zack's still lapsing. 8D So if you comment and don't get a rep, that's why. Feel free to have your characters panic. Or just keep poking him, whichever~))
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Hell if I'm going to let Sephiroth get away with this.

Allen, how do the golems find people?
The hotsprings aren't exactly what you'd expect at the north pole, but it beats having to set up a water heater for the workshop. ♥ Open to guests for tonight, the hot water releases a haze among the snowbanks, counterpoint to the cold weather. There are towels handy for people getting out.
The hills roll in just about every direction outside of the town, the pristine white interrupted only by the dark, sharp swipes of fir trees and the prints of wolves, deer, and rabbits. The carols and workshop noise of the town fades into the background, and with the sky opening up black and huge with silver stars above you, it's easy to imagine yourself all alone in the world.
The workshop is attached to Santa's house, but both are open and you can find Mrs. Claus in the kitchen with eggnog and cookies. Through the living room and out in back is one of the present manufacturing machines, repaired since the, uh, 'incident' with Oogie Boogie and the Terrible Three. It's currently offline, the very few last-minute presents being finished by the elves by hand. You can wander around, just be sure not to interrupt their work.
The hall is where the elves usually socialize and take their meals, so it's not too much of a surprise that it's as big as it is--still, that's pretty big. Wooden tables and benches stretch the length of the oversized room, the ceiling soaring high and decorations adorning the rafters. There's a buffet-style self-serve at one end, complete with all the donated booze and treats. Most of the elves off-duty are celebrating in here as well, so it's full of festivity, good cheer, and lots of noise.
The snow-covered square is the axis of the town, bright with lights and colorful with garlands and candy-cane poles. Santa's house and workshop is to one side, the empty lot is to another, the elves' hall is in a third, and paths lead out to the hot springs, hills, and back to the holiday trees. Just watch out for that carousel! It's vicious. D:
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[In the cathedral church in the slums, still filled with flowers and cradling the miniature lake of Holy water in the center, but the rest of the building looking considerably more repaired. Zack's incorporeally lounging on a pew near the front, looking more solid than he does in other worlds, also more at ease because hey, this is where he belongs now. Granted, the church isn't the most ideal place for practicing fighting, but he mostly plans to discuss tactics with Demyx for now so he figures it's no problem.]

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Nov. 12th, 2006 03:18 pm
A lot of people left wreaths and stuff for me at the church the other day. Was kind of surprised.

Not sure I deserve any of them.

Heh, I bet none of them were Wutaian.
So, Christmas! Coming up soon. And since I'm dead, that kind of makes it difficult to get gifts on time. So if you want yours by then, you better tell me what you want now. :D Villains need not apply.

EDIT: Then again, we could always do a Secret Santa, or both. Which do you guys wanna do?


Nov. 2nd, 2006 12:00 am
That was some party! I'm surprised so many of you guys showed up! It was awesome. We have to do it again sometime. ♥

I see we got some new people, sorry you missed it. D: We'll make it up to you somehow. Maybe with cake.

And Roxas, man, are you feeling okay? I've got a few hangover remedies if you need it.
[Being the goofball that he is, Zack has decided to set himself up in the goo fountain in the middle of the square. Interestingly enough, the green glow and the giant ghostly blue fake chains he manifested for himself actually look kind of creepy. He was, however, considerate enough to not manifest his myriad bullet wounds, because there are kids here. ♥]

All right, is everyone here? Awesome!! [pulls himself up with a rattle of chains] I'm Zack Forester, for anyone here who doesn't know me from the comm. Everybody better thank our taxi people for bringing you here, although I'm sure that you're such nice people that you've done that already. Drinks and food are gonna be here in Guillotine Square. Dr. Finkelstein says he's also got stuff up in his lab, but I'm not sure you wanna try that stuff if you value your life. You can also check out the Graveyard and Moonlight Hill, which is the big curly one, but watch out because some of the giant tombstones like to fall over without warning. Oh yeah, and under no circumstances go anywhere near the crazy treehouse on the other side of the Hill, the kids that live there are creepy. And no drunk or curious people are allowed in the Hinterlands! Plus the vampires have promised that they won't bite. That is all, have fun. [:D]

Log time!!

Oct. 27th, 2006 11:02 pm
[verrrrrry slowly manifests in Allen's room, struggling to keep tabs on the signature of Allen's curse while making himself solid as he can manage]

Man . . . not much . . . Lifestream on . . . this world . . .


Oct. 26th, 2006 09:02 pm
Allen~! I'm going to drop by your place soon, okay? Just so you know. ♥

Roxas, can I be your honorary big brother too? Pleeeeeeeeease? :D

Axel, stop picking fights with everyone.

Demyx! Just say the word. ;D

Everyone else: Uh. Carry on!

Log time!

Oct. 20th, 2006 11:50 pm
[water just off the shore shimmers oddly, moving against the current as it glows almost neon blue]