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the_zackman ([personal profile] the_zackman) wrote2007-05-24 12:00 pm

Roxas, Demyx

Any breakthrough with Axel yet?

((OOC: You horrible people, not letting your IC friends know everything is fixed. XD))

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So everything is normal again?!

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Probably? It's not like anyone ever tells me this stuff. They're looking all "♥" at one another when they think the other one isn't looking again.

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That's great!

For once, normal is better than not!

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I like normal! Normal is awesome. We need more normal around.

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No way!

Normal is way boring!

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Normal is fun and normal. And not freaky.

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I can only take so much normal before I get bored.

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You have normal appreciation deficiency.

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Is not!

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Haruhi Suzumiya!

Are you boring? Maybe that's why we haven't talked before!

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Gigai? Is that some sort of drug?

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Being dead sounds boring as hell.

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Boring is the worst thing there is!