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Roxas, Demyx

Any breakthrough with Axel yet?

((OOC: You horrible people, not letting your IC friends know everything is fixed. XD))

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We're pretty good. Couldn't you get a job with Cloud and Tifa? They probably need help.

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AHAHAHA you're underage again~ and huh. Maybe you could advertise? Then there'd be more jobs and that'd keep both of you running.
(deleted comment)

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Does Tifa let the kids have drinks? I'd think she'd be strict~ and I need to so badly. Are you going to be around there soon?

They came for news 'bout Roxas. Not my fault!

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Sure I am~ Awesome.

I guess?

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You're barely any older than he is now. It's so weird.

Yeah, probably.

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Yeah yeah~

Nothin'. Just meant yeah.

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You're reading into it too much, man, seriously.

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Would I ever make fun of you for being underage?

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*doesn't add a comment about how that's really arguable here-- really! face of innocence!*

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*good, because she should be believed-- really! absolutely not thinking about how the body now fits the mind* :D <3