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the_zackman ([personal profile] the_zackman) wrote2007-11-19 04:19 pm

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What's up, Zack?

[locked to Tifa..... and Cloud, why not]

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He meant that...


[starts crying] I can't do this right now. Why does he always do this...

[locked to Zack]

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I.... I am, I'm sorry, I.... I think.

I don't know what's wrong... this is just...

I can't do this right now. I have something I need to take care of.

...I'm sorry.

[locked to Zack]

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I know that!

But, Zack, right now, I just... I can't take it right now.

Give me some time!

I don't even know what to think, right now.

[locked to Zack]

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Zack.... Don't tell me what to do.

This isn't your business.

[locked to Zack]

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He's my best friend too! But, it's between he and I. So leave it at that.

[locked to Zack]

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No, I... I should probably visit the church today. It's been a while. Is that okay?

[locked to Zack]

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